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Ox is YPrep’s newest team member. Previously, he has worked with multi-national companies in business development, marketing, and consulting. With a love of meeting new people and making lasting connections, Ox brings valuable business expertise to YPrep. When at home, Ox is probably reading up on technology, and tooling with his computers. He received his BBA and MBA from Assumption University.

Profile Questionnaire

What book has had a major impact on your life?

Many books impact my way of thinking since I was very young, many comic books reflected the ideas of friendship and some historical knowledge to me, and many marketing books from Philip Kotler taught me how to think as a decent marketer when I was in college.

However, the major book that impact to change my work life when I had a first job at Toyota is “The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer” book. This book has a lot of idea on business strategy management, how to do business standardization as a leading manufacturer and human resource planning, I learnt these ideas and have adapted these to my way of business thinking plus my daily work management.

What is your favorite film of the last 3 years?

I have watched a ton of movies for my entire life as a movie fan, Star war epic is one of my favorite. Star war VII: Force awaken was back after a century of previous Star war episode 3, I had waited for many years for this Star War episode 7 when Disney announcement of Star War coming back.

What is something you want to do in Thailand but you haven’t gotten around to it yet?

Some of my shames as a Thai citizen is that I have never been to full moon party at PhaNgan island before. I miss this place as a party bushido and beach-lover, that is sorrow.

What’s your favorite Thai food dish?

Any Thai seafood dish is my favorite dish.

Marvel or DC, and which is your favorite superhero?

Well, I like many characters of both Marvel and DC heroes, this is a difficult decision to just pick one. I like Spider-man, Batman, Iron man, Cyclops and Professor Xavier, it’s a different preference on each characters. Nevertheless, most criteria that I prefer will fall into Bruce Wayne(Batman), I love wealthy, human-drama, hi-tech gadgets and pre-situation planning of him.