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Tim was born in San Francisco, CA but has lived in over 10 states. As a young man, he traveled around with Paul Bunyan, chopping down trees and planting apple seeds. A literary legend, he decided to major in literature at SUNY Geneseo. Tim’s a prolific reader, reveling in old-school, niche authors like Kurt Vonnegut and Franz Kafka while eschewing mainstream authors like Jonathan Franzen and J.K. Rowling. Despite his irrational dislike of Harry Potter, Tim is one of the best literary analysts on the YPrep team. His lectures on the SAT Reading section is generally a favorite of students and his sardonic humor keeps them coming back. When Tim isn’t at work, you can find him in various bookstores around town.

Profile Questionnaire

What book has had a major impact on your life?

My favorite book is White Fang, by Jack London. I read this several times when I was young and loved it every time. This book really got me hooked on reading.

What is your favorite film of the last 3 years?

I’m going to nerd out and say The Force Awakens, because it brought back the Star Wars universe I grew up with. Plus, it was a really decent movie.

What is something you want to do in Thailand but you haven’t gotten around to it yet?

Something I haven’t done yet is visit Chang Mai. I’ve travelled around central Thailand and even ventured south, but I haven’t been up there yet.

What’s your favorite Thai food dish?

My favorite Thai food is a tie between som tum and khao kha moo. I really enjoy a lot of the food here but these two are my favorite.

Marvel or DC, and which is your favorite superhero?

I have always preferred DC comic books to Marvel, but the Marvel movies are clearly superior. I always liked the Teen Titans, Green Arrow (who was so much better than Hawkeye), The Flash, and Aquaman. However, if I had to pick a favorite superhero, it would be Plastic Man because he was so funny.