16 Mar 2018

Welcome to our new GMAT program!


The GMAT is a multifaceted test. It requires strong foundational knowledge in English usage and basic math, as well as well-practiced proficiency in dealing with varied and particular questions types and topics. There are many different aspects to master to do well on the test. Instead of a program that tries to cover all the aspects of the test in one course, we at YPrep have launched a uniquely modular GMAT program, splitting the material into 5 mini-courses for better focus and targeted improvement.


The Structure of our Course

We split the Verbal section into three mini-courses: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The Sentence Correction course will familiarize you with proper English grammar conventions and train you to utilize that knowledge to quickly and efficiently tackle questions. The Critical Reasoning course will equip you with the specific logical argumentation skills required to master these questions. Lastly, the Reading Comprehension course will give you insights into how to recognize and utilize common patterns to find the information you need quickly and avoid unnecessary and misleading details.


For the Quantitative section is split into two mini-courses by proficiency: Standard and Advanced. The Standard course covers all the basics: standard question mechanics and strategies, as well as all the necessary math fundamentals, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Our Advanced course is intended for people who already have a solid foundation in fundamental mathematics and want to develop a comprehensive approach to achieve a top score.


All courses consist of four 2-hour classes that generally run twice a week. Each mini-course lasts 2 to 3 weeks. The format is highly flexible; you can choose just the courses you need or choose a bundle of courses for additional savings. You can take them concurrently or in sequence depending on your schedule or availability. We also offer application assistance to ensure you present your candidacy in the best possible light.

There are a lot of options for GMAT prep, from self-study to online, one-on-one to classroom. All have pros and cons. I have seen many changes over my 15 years experience helping folks prep, but one thing has remained constant; regardless of how you choose to prepare, prepare you must, diligently and with dedication. Like all things worthwhile it takes a lot of effort and may be daunting. However, it’s much easier with proper guidance. Come in for a free consultation and have all your questions answered. We are here to help. You can click here to schedule a consultation now.


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